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Amethyst Crystal - healing properties

Amethyst is a stone of spiritual purification and protection. It is very useful in helping one give up bad habits eg quitting smoking, drinking etc. and also to counter negative thought patterns.

It is linked to the Crown and 3rd Eye Chakras and therefore is lovely to use when meditating, as it stills our thoughts and helps us move to a higher state of consciousness.

When I do Crystal Reiki healing, this is the stone I turn to for helping clients identify and remove negative influences and attachments.

Easy ways to work with Amethyst: you can simply hold a raw amethyst or tumblestone in your hands while meditating. Be aware of any thoughts or emotions that may come up while you are holding this crystal.

I'd love you to share, in the comments below, any experiences you've had while working with Amethyst.

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