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Can Reiki help speed up healing after Surgery?

I have worked very successfully with a number of clients who were going in to have surgery and also after they have had surgery. One client experience was particularly phenomenal. He was man in his late 60's, going in for quite a radical neck surgery. To complicate things further, he also had cancer. Luckily he came to see me well in advance of the surgery. We started regular Reiki treatments, and in the week prior to his op, he had daily Reiki with me. This was to infuse his whole system with universal healing energy, build up his reserves, and allow his own body and cells to start replenishing and healing themselves however best they could, in preparation for the anesthetic and the intense, invasive procedure. The Reiki also helped to calm his anxiety, and prepare him emotionally for what lay ahead. On the day of the operation I sent Reiki remotely to him, the theatre and the surgical team. The op was a 7 hour procedure! My client, let's call him Joe, came through with flying colours. Despite the complexity and serious nature of the surgery, in a very delicate and high-risk area of the body, there were no adverse events during or after the surgery. Within a day, Joe was up and about, walking around, and even noted that he had very little pain. Once he was home, we continued with regular, weekly Reiki treatments. The wound healed quickly, and without any complications.

The International Association of Reiki Professionals has recently published an article based on Research studies that have shown that Reiki offers a number of different benefits, some of which may be beneficial to people prior to surgery or who are recovering from a surgical procedure. Read more about these amazing findings here

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