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Full Moon - Working with the cycles of Nature and the Elements

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Last night I gazed up into the crystal - clear autumn skies - and hanging there was the most magnificent full moon! For a few moments I sat in stillness, drinking in its beauty.

Magic is to be found in nature and in this unseen world. But we have to take time to quiet our racing minds and listen...........

Our bodies are approximately 60% water. So just as the moon is responsible for the ebb and flow of the sea tides on earth, it also affects our "emotional tides".

Full Moon is a time for letting go of what no longer serves you - past hurts, old, outdated beliefs and patterns, relationships in which you give far too much.

Focus on any unprocessed emotions or circumstances you've chosen to sweep under the rug. Are you perhaps a people-pleaser? Always saying yes to people, at your own expense and taking on projects that drain your energy and leave you feeling resentful.

Letting go and making these gradual adjustments is your first step to paving the way for making YOUR happiness a priority - and bringing you home to your exquisite True Self.


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