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Past Life Regression

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” - Søren Kierkegaard

What is Past Life Regression (PLR):

Issues in this life may well be rooted in a tragic or traumatic event from a past life. A past life regression session can help you see the events in other lifetimes that led to this particular incarnation and its unique soul lessons. People who undergo past life regression often experience rapid healing. They find that they are able to integrate parts of the soul that felt injured and stop recurring cycles immediately.

It gives my clients a chance to comprehend the motivations and desires of their current lifetime, to figure out why situations and circumstances are happening to them.

How does it work:

Past life regression is a very safe procedure. A person cannot access his or her past lives unless they are open to the procedure, trust their practitioner and are willing to place themselves in a profound state of relaxation. Your regression practitioner will guide you into a very deep state of relaxation, during which we bypass the Logical, Analytical Mind and directly access your Subconscious Mind.

The Subconscious is a part of every person’s mind. It absolutely exists, whether you believe it or not. It is buried just under the level of our conscious minds. While we are rarely aware of it, it is constantly observing and recording everything that happens in all our lives throughout time.

Higher Consciousness is our link to Source, the Akashic records, and all of the information encoded within our soul. When it is brought forward, there is no question it cannot answer.

Though we do not consciously remember all of the things that happened to us in our past lives, our sub-conscious keeps a very detailed record. This information is stored within us across multiple lifetimes and can be accessed under the right conditions. (Dolores Cannon)

For whom is PLR suitable:

  • Anyone, from any background who has an open & inquiring mind can be regressed.

How do I know if I should have a Past Life Regression Session:

If you have ever asked any of the following questions, you may well benefit from a PLR:-

  • Have I lived before?

  • Why do I have recurring dreams or nightmares?

  • I have a birthmark – I wonder why?

Benefits of having a Past Life Regression Session:

PLR may be of immense benefit to you if you experience and would like to alleviate:

  • unexplained behaviour, emotions or phantom pain

  • nagging insecurity or feelings of unworthiness

  • obsessive behaviour – eg compulsive hand washing, obsessive cleaning etc.

  • emotional blocks – I will never find love, I will never be rich

  • unresolved anger, shame or guilt

  • infertility issues, which you have been unable to explain medically

  • phobias – fear of flying, fear of dogs or spiders etc

  • treatment of trauma - it can help a person return back to a trauma in order to understand the impact the trauma may be having on their behaviors and choices.

How many sessions do I need:

This will depend on the reason you choose to have a Past Life Regression.

Is it merely idle curiosity about a past life? Or are you wanting to understand and work through deep-seated emotional blocks, trauma, unexplained behaviour or phantom pain?

For more deep-seated issues we usually look at anything from 3 - 8 sessions for the best possible results.

If you would like to book a Past Life Regression Session with me click here.

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